The Green Line, the line where the clock stopped in 1974…a place of silence and desert. A line that divides the Island of Cyprus, 112 miles from east to west across the island. A place where Greek-Cypriots people have been forbidden to pass or even come close to. Some people visit it to look towards the other side of the island in the hope that they may once again tread the ground they belong to.

And nobody knows when the barbed wires will be removed and Cypriots hear the magic words "you are now free to go to your home, to your village, to your land and the place where you were born. All the Greek Cypriots are living and hoping for that day. Hoping that it will not be too far away…"I live here because I hope, and I hope because I live here" words from a refugee woman who lives near the Green Line -1km away from her homestead.