:: CYPRUS ::
Cyprus is a popular tourist destination in the Eastern Mediterranean and is the third largest island of the Mediterranean after Sardinia and Sicily with a maximum length of 240 kms from east to west and a maximum width of 100 kms from north to south. Its situation occupies a strategic position between the continents of Africa, Asia and Europe. Geographically the island is situated in Asia but politically is in Europe.
The present population of Cyprus is 759.000 of whom 85.2% are Greek Cypriots, 11.6% are Turkish Cypriots and 3.2% are foreigners residing in Cyprus.

  Nicosia has a population of 195,300 in the sector controlled by the Cyprus government, which is the only divided capital in the world.
Limassol and Larnaca are on the south coast, and both have an important tourist resort and commercial ports. Limassol is the second largest town with a population around 155,500 whereas Larnaca has a population of 68,800. To the south of Larnaca there is the Larnaca International Airport.

Paphos is situated on the south west coast with a population of 39,500 which is a fast developing tourist resort, home to the island's second international airport and an attractive fishing harbour.
Kyrenia and Famagusta are occupied since 1974 when Turkish invaded and occupied the one third of the island. The original Greek Cypriot inhabitants have been forced to flee to the government controlled area.