On the 15th July 1974 the coup which was brought about by the Greek Military Junta against the Cyprus Government was used as an excuse by Turkey to invade Cyprus on the 20th July, 1974. Turkey alleged that it was their duty to proceed in this way in order to protect the Turkish-Cypriot community following a coup against President Makarios. In a public statement in 1964, , Vice-President of Turkey said: "Cyprus will be divided into two sections, one of which will join Turkey".  
  Forty thousand Turkish troops embarked on the island in collaboration with the Turkish air and naval forces, in violation of the Charter of the UN and all principles governing international relations. Turkey launched a second attack on the 20th August, 1974 resulting in 37% of the Island being occupied, one quarter of the population being displaced and thousands of people (including civilians) being killed, ill treated or disappeared without trace.

Around 200,000 Greek Cypriots were driven from their homes and villages to the southern part of the island. Ankara then used its military muscle to urge the Turkish Cypriots who were still living in the south to move to the north. Where once, the Greek and Turkish communities lived together in mixed towns and villages it was now divided into two ethnic zones.
To date Cyprus remains divided, its people separated by the worlds first Green Line, so named because during an earlier round of troubles a British officer drew a line in green ink to divide the capital, Nicosia, into two sectors. After Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967, the term Green Line was used to refer to the 1948 cease-fire line in Palestine and, of course, Beirut acquired its own Green Line during the civil war.


On 15 November 1983 Mr Denktash declared the so-called "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus". No country in the world except Turkey has recognized this illegal entity.After 28 years occupation, the island of Cyprus is still divided with 1588 people missing, 200,000 refugees in their own country and the continuous killings of unarmed Greek-Cypriots on the Green line.But Greek-Cypriots still hope and wait until the day they will hear the magic words "You are free to go to your home" and find out if some of their missing people are still alive.